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Monday, September 28, 2020


OUR CHURCHES ARE NOW OPEN for Mass but all safety procedures must be in place. Please follow these directions:

EACH person must have a ticket to enter the church as seating is limited. Pick up your ticket for your Mass time by coming to the church Friday, May 29, between 9am and 12pm. First come, first served.

• ALL persons entering the church must wear a face covering.

• Observe social distance, six feet between each person, outside and inside the church.

• Bring your hand sanitizer, use it before and after Mass.

• Our ushers will escort you to designated seating in the church.

• At Communion, remove your mask to receive the Eucharist and replace your mask immediately after receiving Communion.

• As Mass concludes, parishioners seated in the back of the church will leave first, with parishioners departing row by row, careful to maintain social distance.

• Kupuna, those who are ill, and persons more susceptible to illness should remain at home.

• The obligation to attend Mass on Sunday is suspended through June 30. That is, no one is obligated to attend Mass for now.

• In order to maintain social distance, only 125 persons can be in the church for each Mass. We are devising a ticket system and we will announce the details soon. Each person must have a ticket to enter the church. We are making an effort to accommodate all our parishioners on the weekends. Please refer to our website for the revised Mass schedule.

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